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How-to Amigurumi 3D wall decoration

I have a few old painted canvasses which I do not want to throw away. So I came up with an idea to make these Amigurumi 3D wall decorations.
You will need:
• Stretched framed canvas
• PVA glue
• A piece of crochet, fabric or felt for covering the stretched framed canvas.
• Tapestry needle
• Yarn for attaching dolls to the canvas
• Dolls

Cover the canvas with a piece of crochet or felt.

For the first one I used super glue, which was fine for a small canvas frame. For the bigger canvas frame, it’s better to use the PVA glue so you can wash it off your hands.

Attaching Dolls to the Canvas

Position the dolls on the canvas and use needle and yarn to attach the dolls to the canvas.

Bunnies, free Amigurumi crochet pattern

These little bunnies are from my Cushie and Friends book. This pattern I make available for free. You can make the bunnies in different sizes by using a different yarn and hook. They are very quick and easy to make.

The PDF download is available on:

The pattern has been translated into the following languages:

Summer Holidays



Cushie is the little hero in my new children's book. The book is available on Amazon.

You can also see more about the book on Ravelry or browse through a PDF preview.

The story is about Cushie and her sister Cushionette:

The book is now available on: (Prime delivery!)

Check your online bookstore: it probably sells it as well.

Cushie and Friends: new crochet pattern book

I'm proud to announce my latest book: Cushie and Friends.

It's a children story about Cushie and Cushionette. Someone steals their favourite snack: dream berries. They set out to find them.

The book has crochet patterns for all 7 characters. 

Me personally: I like Ooble the best. He is the villain but still cute.

The bunnies are an extra bonus pattern: they are easy to make.

The story is suitable for children aged 1 to 8. It has beautiful illustrations. You can see pages from the children story and the patterns in the Cushie and Friends PDF book preview.

The book is now being sold in hardcover and paperback on:

Check your online bookstore: it probably sells it as well.


I made these adorable elephants. The original pattern is designed by Japanese artist Chisachi Kushima and translated to English by Stephanie. You can see the pattern on her website.

Huggy Kitty

Onesie Bunny Girls: free Amigurumi crochet pattern

My daughter made her own birthday cake last week and I helped to decorate it. The blue bunny onesie girl doll is standing on top of the cake too.